I just looked up the Halloween festivities at Tokyo Disneyland and somebody take me there now? please?

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(bc this is my Disney blog and it’s sort of hard to think of ten facts, most of these are probably going to be Disney related)

1. I’m Isabel, but my nickname is Bel
2. I’m vegetarian/vegan
3. I’m a D23 member (although I have yet to visit the D23 Expo)
4. Films and acting are my greatest interests…I love basically every aspect of cinema and I could talk your head off when it comes to my favorite movies, actors, and film scores
5. I go to WDW annually and can be found there Disneybounding with a camera in my hand around 90% of the time
6. I love to create art—watercolor, graphite, ink, mixed media, digital, you name it
7. I hold all of the Disney princesses close to my heart, but my favorite is Rapunzel; I connect with her the most in terms of personality 
8. I would consider myself an idealist and an optimist…although sometimes I tend to worry over little things
9. Yes, I have an ever growing collection of Disney toys/merchandise…
10. I believe that life is so precious…every day should be enjoyed and lived to the fullest, and we should not self shame for being true to ourselves, nor others for being true to themselves; rather, we should embrace uniqueness and support one another :)

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#downtowndisney #wdw

Fem!Winter Soldier found some ghost friends. 👻 #mnsshp #wdw #wintersoldier

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Gorgeous morning in WDW at Saratoga Springs Resort 💙

Heigh ho, heigh ho…

It’s off to WDW I go!

There’s a small possibility that I will be going to the WDW Halloween Party in a couple of weeks, but I can’t decide who to dress up as if I go…

Merida cosplay, Fem!Winter Soldier, or Elsa Disneybound?

Hello lovelies!

Thank you for putting up with my lack of posts…life has been extremely busy lately, but I am hoping to post more Disney photography and thingamabobs in the near future (hopefully sometime in September).

Keep Dreaming <3


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RIP Robin Williams <3

Robin Williams, we ain’t never had a friend like you.

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